Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Off My Website! Cybersquatters Cause Online Headaches For Companies

GRAND RAPIDS - When Mark Sellers bought Grand Rapids Brewing Co. last year, he thought he bought all of its assets. But it turns out he had a cybersquatter parked on his website who refused to relinquish the domain name until the squatter, a Grand Rapids Internet promotions company, was paid $2,000.

Now Sellers owns the web address,, and will use the site to help market his new brewpub when it opens this August at the entrance to the city’s entertainment district on Ionia Avenue and Fulton Street.

Sellers and his wife, Michelle, own HopCat, Stella’s Lounge, The Viceroy, McFadden’s and part of The Pyramid Scheme under the Barfly Ventures LLC holding company.

“The situation was a little different because I’m not open for business yet,” Sellers said. “Websites are not what they used to be. I’d be more concerned if they had my Facebook page.”

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Author: Mike Brennan
Source: MIBiz.Com